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I'm currently a 4th year computer science with business applications major and aspiring product manager.

Born and raised in Southern California stereotypically means surfing in the summer, snowboarding in the winter, and lots of brunch. All of which are 100% true(on the weekends and pre-quarantine, so hit me up for my Yelp bookmarks). I'm also a big music-festival-goer and avid traveler, so catch me at the next Coachella or at the airport!

I originally wanted to major in criminal psychology (shoutout to Hotch from Criminal Minds)! I even took a course on the philosophy of evil. However, somewhere along these lines, I realized I wanted to help people in other ways (also because criminal psychology = thinking of dead bodies and blood).

My goal? Making products viable and valuable, and to always keep the customer in mind.

...and to eat at every Marugame Udon location in the world 🍜

Check out my daily go-to playlist on Spotify and a list of my recommended shows/movies here!

portfolio 🔭


Fern is a web application designed as a two-sided marketplace for local plant/flower businesses. Users are able to sign up as a buyer or seller, and we cater to all shops (so yes, even selling from your garden). We are currently in the development stage, so stay tuned!

Co-Founder, Product Manager


crowd favorite, top 8 nationwide out of 47 teams

Carrier is a mobile application focused on providing students with resources to collaborate on their own projects to combat the loss of internships due to COVID-19. Our team of 4 conducted user research surveys, designed the user flow, and completed the prototype within 24 hours. We used InVision and Adobe Creative Suite.

CreateSC Adobe Designathon 2020

University of Southern California


Serenity is a virtual reality sandbox that promotes meditation and relaxation. It offers calming lo-fi music and interactive features such as throwable rocks and flowers. It simulates real world weather patterns with water, rain movement, and a bonfire. We used Unity to create the visual effects and C# for the custom scripts.


University of California, San Diego


BeLively is a concept designed and built by 5 UCR students. It offers the same professional instruction of a gym all conveniently condensed into an app, so users are able to rent equipment, track calories, and follow along a curated work-out schedule.

Designer, Front-End Developer

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experience 🔨

07/2020 - Current

Product Manager Intern

Open Water Accelerator

06/2020 - Current

Program Manager


04/2019 - Current

Senior IT Technical Support

University of California, Riverside

04/2019 - 02/2020

Operations Lead

Rose Hack

Related Courses: Organizational Behavior, Production & Operations Management, Computer Security, Marketing & Distribution Management, Design of Operating Systems, Entrepreneurship in Computing, Intro to Software Engineering, E-Commerce

Skills: C++, CSS, HTML, Git, public speaking, leadership, operations management, graphic design, Trello, Asana